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Shipping Details and Hints!

Shipping wine can be a challenge. We have some hints and solutions to make sure you receive your wine on time and in great shape, no matter the temperature. If you ever have a question about your wine, don’t hesitate to start with an email to us. 

Most carriers prioritize business addresses when planning their routes and most carriers reliably deliver during business hours. To ensure someone is there to receive and sign for your wine, on the first delivery attempt, we strongly recommend using a business address everytime you ship wine. 

Make your life easier by staying In the know with Status Updates by entering your tracking number on Fedex website, then select Get Status Updates and enter your email address. You’ll receive email alerts letting you know what the latest is regarding your wine shipment so you can be Ready to receive it on the First Delivery Attempt.

This option is a sure fire winner that makes recieving wine so convienant! Call 1-800-GO FEDEX and follow the prompts to have your wine HELD at a location near you. You’ll have a few business days to swing by and pick it up. Don’t wait too long (five days max) or they will Automatically ship it back and you’ll pay return shipping fees and fee’s to reship the wine again. You can also choose this option of having the wine held for you when you are on the Fedex website, choose Manage Delivery and make a selection.   

When temperatures are high where you live as well as the shipping route while wine is travelling to you… (HELLO SUMMERTIME)…  you can select Temp Control Shipping process. It is a Process and Requires PATIENCE. … but the wine stays cool. 
– Fedex issues a tracking number that will Not go into affect until they take control of the wine at Last Gateway. 
-Then your wine First gets picked up by a different company who has a temp controlled truck that brings the wine to the last gateway shipping center near you. 
-Then Ice gets inserted in your box, (it lasts at best 48 hours.)
– Then Fedex takes control of the wine and Your Tracking number now becomes Active and Valid. The wine will deliver to you in one or two days. 

YES… you only get alerted at the last minute that wine is delivering which is WHY you want to have it delivered to a Business address or to immediately choose to have the wine HELD at a location near you, especially if it is HOT where you live. From beginning to end, wine can arrive within 5 days and as long as two weeks. It just depends.

NOTE: Arizona has a temp control process with Wine 2 U in Phoenix that is more White Glove in style.. they call you to arrange a delivery time. Like an appointment.  Tucson deliveries are only on Thursdays.


When you absolutely need your wine right away, Jamie Slone Wines ships Fedex 2-day. You should STILL go to Fedex website, enter trakcing number and sign up for Status Updates. You should Also ship it to a busniness address or Manage the Delivery and have wine HELD at a location near you if you can’t be around for the first delivery attempt. 

Please Note:
Jamie Slone Wines is not the Carrier (Fedex or UPS) nor Shipping Company. We are The Winery. We don’t control what’s happening with Fedex and we also don’t control the weather.  Lord knows we’d like to!  When wine leaves the doc of the shipper (Pack N Ship Direct in Santa Maria, CA where our wine is stored,) it becomes the property of the guest. Please take steps to help ensure it delivers to you safely and that you receive your wine on the first delivery attempt. 


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