Jamie Slone Wines

About Jamie Slone and Kym Slone


Jamie and Kym Slone are an adventurous couple whose passion for wine was ignited after three decades of exploring vineyards across Europe and the United States. Their dream of crafting exceptional wines materialized during these travels, leading them to the captivating terroir of Santa Barbara, California, also known as “The American Riviera.”

Captivated by the diverse terroir, Jamie and Kym envisioned a winemaking venture that would allow them to create wines reflecting the styles they had come to cherish. Jamie’s diverse background in Radio Broadcasting, Real Estate, and Racing seamlessly converged with his newfound love for wine, and Kym enthusiastically embraced the idea. Today, their tasting room invites visitors to savor award-winning small productions, featuring handcrafted Red Blends, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Rosé, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and more.

Sorting merlot grapes


At Jamie Slone Wines, we’re dedicated to delivering an Outstanding Santa Barbara County Wine Tasting Experience. Rooted in the rich tapestry of Santa Barbara County terroir, our handcrafted wines are sourced from exceptional vineyard sites.  The diverse microclimates of Santa Barbara County, shaped by unique soils and transverse mountain ranges, yield wines of complexity, marked by acidity, tannins, and a spectrum of flavors. Our focus on authenticity is evident in the careful selection of vineyard sites, each telling a unique story. With micro-boutique production, we ensure meticulous attention to detail, creating wines for both immediate enjoyment and long-term aging.

Visit us today for a fabulous wine tasting experience at our tasting room in the Historic El Paseo of downtown Santa Barbara.

Winemaker Jamie Slone


Jamie has been making wine with the help of several different winemakers in Santa Barbara County for the last nine years. Jamie controls the full creative process of what vineyards are sourced from, what clones are chosen, when to pick the fruit, co-fermentation, aging vessels and finally he and Kym do all the blending and styling of the wines together. He credits his wife Kym for her highly sensitive and far-reaching palate. Jamie says, “it’s an evolving adventure for sure and we make a great team!”

Jamie and Kym are on the front lines in the tasting room and take many trips to other wine regions around the world and in the United States gathering inspiration and knowledge to bring back home. Today guests get to experience a very diverse portfolio of award-winning wines from Santa Barbara County that club members love and guests rave about. Elegant, approachable, balanced and representative of the terroir in which they evolved from. Enjoy!