Santa Barbara County Terroir

“Diversity Perfected”

“No viticultural region in America has demonstrated as much progress in quality and potential for greatness … as the Santa Barbara region.” Robert Parker Jr.

Santa Barbara County Terroir

Santa Barbara County has something for everyone’s wine preference thanks to our unique transverse valleys. Its wine region is an area of expansive vistas, rolling hills, and a climate directly affected by the Pacific Ocean.

The shoreline along with the Santa Ynez and San Rafael coast mountains runs east and west for 50 miles in the Santa Barbara area. Because of this geologic oddity, the ocean breezes flow eastward, funneled by the hills and mountains that outline the region. Moving east into the foothills, the temperatures are warm by day and very cool by night, yet the vineyards that are westward toward the ocean have a mild and moderate climate.

It’s a wonderful blend of microclimates, each defined by unique soils that run the list from chirt and limestone to ancient beach and diatomaceous earth. The results are complex wines full of acids, tannins, and a myriad of flavors. With so many different winegrape varietals planted here and each thriving in their own specific terroir, Santa Barbara County has something for everyone. It’s Diversity Perfected!